Chiropractors and Social Media

Updated: Jun 22

Last week we discussed nutritionist and in my live I said, this week we’d discuss chiropractors and their media! First of all, most people forget or don't realize that chiropractors not only provide adjustments, but offer nutrition advice as well. They want to educate their patients on multiple ways to improve their body.

So, they need to make posts that convey what health conditions and lifestyle changes they can help people make. Now, to capture you audience and boost visibility you need to have hooks like your landing page, book, website, and more. Draw them in with keywords like subluxation and misalignment.

In addition, let them read about your back story. Your potential audience wants to know if you have can empathize with them from fibromyalgia, a car accident, or something else. They’ll begin to relate to you and this will enhance you engagement.

As a Visibility and Marketing Expert, I can help your visibility expand beyond its current state. Let's empower your words with your authentic knowledge!


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