Functional Medicine Physicians' Mission

Updated: Mar 29

Functional Medicine Practitioners (FMP) have stories that can not only help with a systems-oriented medical approach, but also educate their patients on Integrative Medicine philosophies as well.

Now, how can a Functional Medicine Doctor have a background story that will align with their mission statement? This is where your Visibility and Impact Specialist puts “pen to paper” and makes the much needed written impact!

So, let's think for a moment, how a FMP can utilize their mission statements to enhance their visibility techniques...

Their main objective is to treat root causes (similar to an ND), but in addition, they exam biochemistry aspects. They will typically attract patients that need assistance with healing chronic illnesses like diabetes, for example. More individuals need to be aware of this detailed analysis that is offered.

Basically, when hiring an Impact Visibility Coach to write your bio, mission, and values your visibility efforts will soar! It will be personalized to your niche approach that will attract patients.


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