Holistic Veterinarians' Mission

Updated: Mar 29

All veterinarians love their animal patients (cats, dogs, lizard, parrots, etc.), but don't forget that they have back stories as well... They want to educate pet parents on holistic approaches to care for their animals, so they live long healthy, happy lives.

Now, a back story can show patients that you have sympathy and empathy for their circumstances. Vets have similar experiences with their furry babies such as heart and thyroid conditions, for example.

So, how can veterinarians go about developing background stories that can align with their mission statements? That's where an Visibility and Impact Specialist, like me, comes in...

Let's think about how vets could go about using their mission statement to increase their visibility online... The main purpose of a holistic veterinarian is to help find alternative treatments (herbal remedies, nutrition, chiropractic care, and acupuncture) to keep animals healthy and exceed their life expectancy. This can be a niche, in and of itself, that can attract patients who desire to try an integrated approach for their furry children.

So, by hiring an Impact Visibility Coach to write your bio, mission, values, and commitments, you'll achieve visibility on a more personal note that will attract more patients.


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