Integrative Medicine Physicians

Integrative medicine is holistic and takes into account the lifestyle habits of a patient... so, let’s say you eat a lot of junk food and skip meals, smoke cigarettes, don’t really exercise, and you drink socially, then this would be considered poor self-care. In order to feel healthier, you will definitely need to change poor habits.

Integrative medicine works to treat the entire person rather than just the individual disease. The mind, body, and soul of a patient are taken into consideration. Thus promoting healing and overall well-being. It uses a combination of modern healthcare practices to diagnose and treat a patient. Treatments may include such modalities like acupuncture, yoga, massage, etc. This medical practice even focuses on the nutritional and exercise habits of the patient to curb factors related to obesity, diabetes, and more.

These physicians believe poor lifestyle choices are absolutely the root cause of many modern chronic diseases. By improving these factors in your daily life, then you will begin to have positive health and have a better lease on life. A healthier routine will improve your mindset, and therefore improve your symptoms. Simply by integrating healthy nutrition with whole foods, a stress release like yoga, meditating in the morning and at night, and having a massage once a week, you’ll have achieved a healthier alternative.

Remember, that a healthy mind and body are simple results from a healthy lifestyle. It really is a very basic equation. More people need to become aware of how these changes can affect them. By educating these benefits to everyone there would be much better self-care. Stress levels really can go down, gastrointestinal distress can ease, breathing can soften, anxiety can mellow, and much more...


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