Massage Therapists and Their Websites

Massage therapists are great at relieving pain, rehabilitating injuries, reducing stress, and increasing relaxation. They want clients to be aware of the different modalities they offer such as Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, sports massage, and more...

Now, websites need to convey exactly how massage modalities can help treat people. This needs to be under the service page, and of course, you want to be clear and concise with your treatments options. As a Visibility and Impact Specialist to Alternative Health Practitioners, I recommend listing approximately five maximum services and bullet point all of the benefits.

Then, don’t forget to focus on your home and about pages. You should explain if you receive massages, and why you choose to do so... Then, on the home page be sure to have keyword phrases like alleviate aches and pains, and therapeutic massage and stretches. That will capture your audiences’ attention.

As a specialist, I can help you convey all the impactful information that people need to know about a masseuse. We can make your site visible together!


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