Massage Therapists' Mission

Updated: Mar 29

Massage therapists have back stories that explain why they want to help relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, and increase relaxation. They have sympathy for their clients because they have experienced similar agony.

So, let’s ponder for a moment on how a masseuse can go about creating a background story that can align with their mission statement? This is where an Visibility and Impact Specialist, like myself can help!

Now, let's think about how a massage therapist could go about using their mission statement to enhance their visibility on various social platforms...

The main objective of a massage therapist is to help with body pain and healing. So, by choosing one modality and making that a niche you‘ll attract more patients.

By working with an Impact Visibility Coach to write your bio, mission, values, and commitments, you will reach new heights with your visibility. This will be accomplished with a noteworthy approach that will attract more patients.


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