Naturopathic Doctors and Social Media

Let’s get geared up to discuss naturopaths! NDs treat the root cause of diseases and teach self healing techniques to their patients.

What you want is to make posts that show

what conditions you specialize in, and how you you actually treat and not suppress symptoms. You want to draw people to your links like your freebie, website, your book, etc. Hook them with keywords such as natural, holistic, naturopathic medicine, and more...

In addition, let them see you and learn about your back story. Here you can go into more depth because your audience will take the time to read long posts, especially on Facebook. Share your experiences to begin engaging with your audience. Let them know who was affected in your life by autoimmune diseases, food allergies, or something else.

As a Visibility and Marketing Specialist and with my years of experience working with NDs, I can help empower you. Let’s get your message out on all of your platforms!


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