Naturopathic Doctors and Their Website

Updated: Apr 19

Naturopathic Doctors help educate the public on preventative care. They help to maintain health conditions and even accomplish remission states with patients.

However, their websites need to explain what they do, especially on the service page. They need to show empathy, confidence, and knowledge.

Now, you want to be sure to use keywords on your page to tell your story. It’s important because of SEO. As a Visibility and Impact Specialist, I recommend five keywords on your services page. Also, organizing your written words is vital to the flow of your audiences’ viewing.

Lastly, you have to think about your home and about pages. Include your specific niche such as autoimmune, women’s health, hormones, gut issues, etc. Then, on the home page be sure to have teasers, so people want to continue reading.

This information needs to be visible because it will make an impact. Showing sympathy is my area of expertise and you’ll become an influencer with my help.


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