Nutritionists' Mission

Updated: Mar 29

A background story is important for a nutritionist to have and here's why... Having the written word visible to others is the best way to get a reaction, spread awareness, and to educate about the services you can provide to your patients.

A background story can show your patients that you have sympathy and empathy because nutritionists have experienced the exact same situation(s) with food allergies, for example.

How can a nutritionist go about developing a background story that can align with your mission statement? This is where an Visibility and Impact Specialist, like me, can come into play...

So, let's think about how a nutritionist could go about using their mission statement to increase their visibility in the marketplace? The main objective of a nutritionist is to help with food-related issues, so by making that a niche you will attract those patients that need assistance with a lifestyle change.

By hiring an Impact Visibility Coach to write your bio, mission, values, and commitments, you will achieve visibility with a more personal touch that will attract more patients.


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