Physical Therapists’ Mission

Updated: Jan 21

We have discussed the benefits of physical therapy for your body (particularly for nerves, rebuilding, and muscles), but now let's discuss the mission behind the therapeutic treatment...

A mission statement is extremely important because it represents your therapy and practice. It can also begin to tell the reason for your story, along with helping future recommendations.

A physical therapist may have become a therapist because he could have had cardio health issues or damaged nerves in his limbs. The list can be endless because there are many different reasons to choose this career journey. That’s why it's important to share this with your patients. If you take the time to hear them, then they will certainly take the time to listen to your story too.

Then, you have your values and commitments that you must declare. You might want to make a specific commitment to help those receive rehab who have suffered from a stroke or heart attack, or maybe they suffer from a sport injury. Just be sure to make your niche clear!

Whatever the case might be, always be sure to show empathy because if you know how they feel, then that makes their experience better and will make them comfortable returning for follow-ups.


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