Social Media for Functional Medicine

Last week’s blog post was about visibility for alternative health through the power of social media marketing...

Now let’s get focused on functional medicine, and we know this treatment as east meets west. Basically, conventional and alternative approaches combine.

What you want is to make posts that show sympathy and empathy for patients, but at the same time convey the benefits of the practice. You want to draw people to you links like your freebie, website, your book, etc. Hook them with keywords like whole being, lifestyle, and more...

In addition, let them see you and your back story. Similar to your about page on your website, but interact with your audience. Share your experience and engage because it’s essential. People want to know how and why you are helping them with a holistic approach and not straight natural, so to speak.

As a Visibility and Marketing Specialist, I can help you make the impact you need with your media. Let’s empower your platforms today!


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